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Ieva Samauska - Children Writer and Poet

Katrina’s art caught my eye with very lively and vibrant colours, inspirational brightness of the paintings, long time before I met her personally, so, I invited her to illustrate two of my books. I was really glad that she responded to this idea. I got to know Katrina particularly well in this creative process as a very excited, joyful and creative personality, who’s not afraid to express creative efforts to reach the best result.

Elizabeth Genovesi - ARTROM GALLERY

We have had the delight of watching the evolution of Katrina Avotina’s work during her AGG Membership of the last few years. She has found and clearly developed her own “unique style” which has come to a expressive maturity which stands strongly and powerfully in its ability to speak, to share, to give. She wants to touch us, delight us, with her bright colors, simple lines and harmonious compositions. Brava!

Inese Baranovska - Artist Union of Latvia

Seriousness and clearness of intention are the features, which are most moving in this young artist. Katrina is much influenced by french painters — Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matiss — bright and emotional style of their paintings. Also her works from the collection have been inspired by Hudettwasser style — ornamentalIy rythmical compositions with the accents of gilded yellcw and turquoise blue.

Ieva Raiskuma - Journalist & Author

Katrina has been one of my most favorite artists for years. Intense and bright colours, specific shapes and ornamental patterns, delicate figures is the first pattern that catches your eye. Katrina’s paintings brings a bit of magic, like, you switch off to the different reality full of love and beauty, where all your dreams come true. I love it! One day, I’ll have big collection of Katrina's paintings. Deffo!

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